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What I Am Putting In My Kid's Easter Baskets This Year In An Attempt To Not Give Them Garbage

What I Am Putting In My Kid’s Easter Baskets This Year In An Attempt To Not Give Them Garbage

Last year Easter kinda snuck up on us and without really any stores up here we scrambled at the last minute and Brian just bought them garbage candy from CVS, much to their delight. So this year I actually planned in advance. Also, we just went to the dentist for the first time in a year and we knew there would be some, uh, issues but, guys, it did NOT GO WELL. We have no one to blame but ourselves, so let’s just say while there might be a peep or two (birdie is obsessed with peeps, talks about them year-round) we are going to reduce the amount of sticky sugar for a while. Whoops. So my goal was to get them things they need, but in an “Easter way” — almost like stocking stuffers. And no, they aren’t getting ALL of these, but these are what is in my cart or I might try to grab.

1. Boys’ Woven Long Sleeve Button-Down Shirt | 2. Boys’ Batman 6pk No Show Socks | 3. Toddler Girls’ Sequin Bunny Tulle Dress| 4. Girls’ 2pk Knee High Unicorn Print Socks

We bought that bunny dress for Birdie last year and she wore it to threads. Like all day every day for months. And Charlie is starting to gravitate towards button-ups over t-shirts because he likes to be “dapper”, he says 🙂 They both need socks, so it’s a good filler for baskets. If you are in LA or have time to order, head to my friend’s store, The Reckless Unicorn, to support a small business.

Emily Henderson Easter Basket To Do

1. Table Topics To Go | 2. 11pk Bright Glitter Washi Tape | 3. Paint-Your-Own Ceramic Gnome Home Kit | 4. 125ct Googly Eyes with Sticker Back

We got the Table Topics game for Christmas from our neighbors and at first I was skeptical about it, but our kids LOVE it and we play it a few nights a week at dinner. It’s a bunch of fun questions that prompt conversations and Charlie loves to read it. It feels like a game even though it’s just a conversation (questions like “what superpower would you want?”, “where in the world do you want to visit right now?”, and even questions about feelings and friends – all very kid-friendly).

We are in need of new crafting supplies as we have gone through A LOT this year, and the new Mondo Llama line at Target is SO CUTE (our kids are super into fairies and gnomes and we are definitely encouraging it). But we are low on washi tape and totally out of googly eyes (the amount of puppets we’ve made this year is wild).

Emily Henderson Easter Basket To Do2

1. Surprise Ride – Build Beeswax Candles Activity Kit | 2. Paint-Your-Own Ceramic Fairy House Kit | 3. Fliptomania Flipbook Animation Kit – Butterfly & Frog

The kids made these bees candles for Christmas dinner and it was SO MUCH FUN. It was a different kit, but it’s such a lovely tradition for big meals so we figured we’d carry it into Easter (and they are super easy to do and don’t drip wax). The kids just started making cartoons on large paper that doesn’t really work so Brian wanted to get them a flipbook kit to help walk them through it (and there are blank ones for them to draw their own).

Emily Henderson Easter Basket To Read

1. I am Benjamin Franklin (Ordinary People Change the World) | 2. I am Frida Kahlo (Ordinary People Change the World) | 3. If I Built a School | 4. If I Built a Car

We have a few versions of the Ordinary people series and we love them. They are long reads but great for school days or snuggling in the hammock and the kids learn a lot (we love the MLK, Lincoln, Jane Goodall ones, too). And Chris Van Dusen is one of our favorite kid authors (we love love love Circus Ship and Hattie and Hudson – have read those for YEARS).

Emily Henderson Easter Basket FESTIVE

1. Vintage Grandma Mugs | 2. The Official Easter Bunny Dollar Bill 8-Pack | 3. Vintage Easter Bunny Rabbit Coffee Mug

Our kids drink from their Santa mugs year-round, so I figured that I’d buy them a bunny mug to shake it up. I bought two vintage ones on Etsy like these but there are so many other great ones!

I think getting them these bunny dollars is very fun (and could substitute for candy in the eggs for the egg hunt) and I know they’ll get very excited about it.

Emily Henderson Easter Basket 2

1. 12″ Chipwood with Liner Easter Decorative Basket Farm Pattern | 2. 5pk Nesting Easter Eggs

The pups chewed up one of their baskets (we left it out after Halloween – because they trick or treated inside with them) and I love that these are wooden and have a farm theme to get them excited about the farm. These nesting eggs are SO CUTE and are going to sub the usual plastic eggs for our hunt. I bought three sets of them and will use them year over year over year.

We’ll likely have a big hunt in our backyard, watch Peter Rabbit and make bunny pancakes like we did last year. I’m mostly looking forward to the daffodils that go CRAZY up here, crafting with the kids, and basically any excuse to make a big complicated day-long meal and drink mimosas. xx

Opening Image Credit: Photo by Brian Henderson:) | From: How To Celebrate Easter In 2020

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What I Am Putting In My Kid’s Easter Baskets This Year In An Attempt To Not Give Them Garbage

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