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The Most Versatile Piece Of Clothing We Are All Shopping For This Summer

The Most Versatile Piece Of Clothing We Are All Shopping For This Summer

Summer is so close I can almost feel a perpetual sunburn coming on and with the world beginning to open up again, we might have a somewhat normal summer after all. Now that there are some safe ways to travel and go on vacation, us gals at EHD have been brainstorming A LOT about what we will be wearing this summer. One thing we all agreed on was a single garment that is on all of our summer wish lists. I know what you are thinking but no, it’s not denim shorts. It’s simple, timeless, and the easiest thing to style and wear all summer. It’s the oversized button-up shirt.

As Emily discussed last week, a summer uniform is really effective because it makes getting dressed so easy and since us adults are sort of required to wear clothes most of the time, it’s best to have a few go-to summer staples. In my experience, the oversized button-up is one of those magical pieces of clothing that is low maintenance and cute and can go from day to night effortlessly making it the perfect piece for summer. Let’s just say that if you are going to pack one thing for a summer vacation, this should be it. Allow me to demonstrate:

Pair With Shorts And Sandals (Or Mules) For A Casual Day Look

Button Up (similar) | Shorts | Clogs

Picture this: It’s the peak of summer and you are going to the beach for the first time in over A YEAR and you are planning on soaking up the sun all day long. The oversized button-up is the perfect companion as you can just drape it over a bathing suit unbuttoned or buttoned with shorts, and it’s even acceptable to wear to a casual lunch or dinner. So versatile.

IMG 1372 1670x2227 1

Button-Up Cover-Up Shirtdress | Shorts

See? Even Em is on the button up kick and had this to say about hers: The cover-up I’m opting for this summer is the oversized thin men’s style drapey button-up. I feel pretty cute in this and it’s so easy to wear with enough transparency to still feel cute and fun.

Wear As A Swimsuit Cover Up

IMG 9543

Bikini | Button Up (similar)

Okay, now you are at the beach (or by the pool) but let’s say you don’t want to don your bathing suit all day but you aren’t quite ready to go back to normal clothes yet. The button up is easily transformed into a swimsuit coverup so you can be ready for a dip and not feel too exposed.

Pair With Dark Jeans Or Pants And A Heeled Sandal (Or Clog) For An Evening Look

Button Up (similar) | Jeans | Heels

Now, it’s the evening and you have dinner plans. Your skin is sun-kissed but not sunburnt, the weather is a perfect 73 degrees, and you are about to splurge on a good meal. So you pair your button-up with dark-washed denim jeans, heels, some jewelry, and voila! You’ve got yourself a cool, summer evening look.

Okay, I may have gotten lost in my perfect summer day but you get the point. The button-up is the perfect summer staple IMHO. If you are in the market, there are soo many good ones available online right now but I also advise paying a trip to your local Goodwill and checking out the button-up shirt inventory in the men’s section. You won’t be disappointed. In the meantime, here are some picks we love:

Emily Henderson Button Ups For Summer 2

1. Big Shirt | 2. Oversized Pocket Linen Shirt | 3. Linen Shirt | 4. Airy Lyocell Blend Shirt | 5. Oversize Poplin Shirt | 6. Oversized Cotton Shirt | 7. White Oversized Cotton Shirt | 8. Boyfriend Shirt | 9. Relaxed Fit Shirt | 10. The Silky Cotton Oversized Shirt | 11. Kelali Men’s Shirt | 12. The Hero Button Up | 13. Lucia Top | 14. The Stripe Hero Button Up | 15. Oversized Boyfriend NK Shirt | 16. Button Up Wrap Top | 17. Oniru Shirt | 18. Ace Button Up

Muted greens, blues, and yellows are great for summer but you can never go wrong with the classic white number. I love #13 (it has a really special ruffle detail, too) and #5 because it is more long and oversized and could act as a dress too. Something like #9 is more fitted and would be great pair with jeans or a sexy skirt for a summer date night look.

What’s your summer staple? And do you have any safe summer vacation plans? Tell me everything. xx

Opener Image Credit: Photo by Veronica Crawford | From: 18 Pairs of Fall Boots: A Review of the Good, the GREAT (and the So-So)

The Most Versatile Piece Of Clothing We Are All Shopping For This Summer

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