The Link Up: The $20 Sweatpants Ryann Swears By, Mallory’s Summer Shoe, and The Design Book We All Just Ordered Incredible

The Link Up: The $20 Sweatpants Ryann Swears By, Mallory's Summer Shoe, and The Design Book We All Just Ordered

The Link Up: The $20 Sweatpants Ryann Swears By, Mallory’s Summer Shoe, and The Design Book We All Just Ordered

Hi everyone and happy Sunday! Welcome back to another link up where we tell you about all the great (and sometimes not so great) things we’ve seen/bought/love that we want and NEED to tell you, our readers, about. Forget about all you got going on for a few minutes, sit back, relax and dive right in 🙂

This week’s home tour is a really REALLY fun one via domino. Look at all the colors!! Emily Wassall and her family moved to Los Angeles and were inspired by the “warm weather aesthetic” as she calls it. They took the whole house to the studs, flopped the layout and made it so colorful and unique. Guys could you imagine growing up here??? Your kids probably have a 90% chance of being EVEN COOLER because this is what they lived and grew up in. How fun, right??

From Emily: My friend, Justina just came out with her THIRD BOOK. Reading through it I felt so proud, inspired and impressed. She is such a powerhouse and creative genius. This book is more personal, with a lot of anecdotes about her childhood and creative process. It’s also GORGEOUS (a lot of photos by Dabito) and would be a lovely gift.

From Ryann: I am not sure why it has taken me so long to recommend these sweats to y’all but maybe that’s a good thing. I have had them for about 4 months and basically wear them every night and LOVE THEM so I can confirm they are great. I love that they don’t have a drawstring so you don’t have to deal with that thing where the string gets all wonky and they hold their integrity surprisingly well. Sweats that I wear usually stretch out so fast that I have to wash them after a couple wears but not these. They are my favorite sweats and look very cute too so you can wear them to the grocery store if you are so inclined. I am actually about to purchase another pair right now. See ya there!

From Jess: If you’ve read any of my blabbering about skincare you know I am a HUGE Shani Darden fan. I use three of her products pretty religiously (cleansereye cream, and retinol) but a month or so ago, after saving up, I finally purchased her facial sculpting wand (she’s a very big proponent of vibration therapy). I truly love it so much. Not only do I just feel more toned after I use it, it’s also a relaxing massage for my face and neck. I like that I’m forced to slow down a little and enjoy the process. And yes, it’s not at all cheap but I’m really extremely happy with my investment.

Also From Jess: I know I am not alone in the deep org dive that happened in 2020 (or 2021 when some of us maybe had some more energy). So during my effort to organize, I went through all of my realllly old documents that I don’t need or WANT taking up space but have personal info I’d like to keep personal. I was desperate for a paper shredder. You know, the sexiest of the everyday office machinery. So actually Em doesn’t know this but I kinda borrowed the one we used to have when I went to the garage once since it was just sitting there. Em when you read this, know I PROMISE I will give it back. Anyway, this little cutie works great and will likely be my hot date this Saturday night. I know, my life is overwhelmingly exciting. I won’t brag again next week, I promise.

From Mallory: I went down a shoe-buying rabbit hole that was 100% fueled by stress and wine, but boy did I get some good finds. I bought these shoes that I’ll gladly be living in all summer (plus they’re not very tall so I can comfortably walk around which is ALWAYS a nice to have. Then for a less walkable but still very cute shoe I went with these that I had been eyeing (and I wore them all Easter) and even though they’re tall the platform is so big that the heel itself is totally comfortable to stand in for hours at a time. I guess my love for wicker furniture has now landed on my feet, literally. I’ll be wearing them to brunch all spring/summer. And then lastly I bought these because I’m in need of a good, comfy, black summer sandal but when I put them on I realized they look a lil too harsh on my large foot, so now I’m still in the market for a solid, flat black everyday sandal (which is the whole reason I went shoe shopping in the first place!!!) I always end up with statement shoes and not enough shoes that go with everything *PALM IN FACE* please give me your black or neutral summer sandal recs if you would like!!

Thanks for joining us on this fine Sunday…now go enjoy the rest of your day!! LOTS O’ LOVE!

Opening Image Credit: Home by Justina Blakeney | Photography by Dabito | via Decorate Wild

The Link Up: The $20 Sweatpants Ryann Swears By, Mallory’s Summer Shoe, and The Design Book We All Just Ordered

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