The body positivity movement like a profitable trend

The body positivity movement like a profitable trend

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The Body Positivity is a social movement that revolves around the normal acceptance of all human bodies while emphasizing individuals with a plus-size body. The movement is quite significant because only a minority of women naturally possess the body type portrayed in the media as ideal. It is pertinent for the rest of the women to realize that their natural bodies are not something to be ashamed of, and the world will need to change its perception.

Due to the benefits of this digital era and since the launch of social media platforms, such as Instagram and Twitter, it has become easier to advertise the movement to create global awareness. Many people have started to take the body positivity movement like a profitable trend. Famous models and bloggers use these platforms to encourage self-acceptance in their blogs and social media accounts.


Body positive: how to make a profit from it?

The body positivity movement has played a vital role in persuading the world’s major companies to start influential marketing campaigns to bring positivity towards human bodies. In recent years, the ideals of feminine beauty have been broken through social media. These companies have changed their strategy due to the excellent profit margins that they can achieve through the marketing campaigns.

These companies have also partnered with associations with similar interests, such as eating disorder organizations, etc. These companies have started advertising campaigns featuring body-positive influencers. Some of the famous campaigns include the Dove Self-Esteem Project by Dove and the launch of a plus-size clothing line and a body image campaign named as Aerie Real by Aerie, an American women’s apparel company.


Famous bloggers, models – their examples of success

The body positivity movement has played a perfect role in making the people real while helping to reject the inherent fear in body-positive women. Some of the famous and influential models and bloggers who promote body positivity are listed hereunder.

  • Candice Huffine is a plus-size model and has been impressively featured in Lane Bryant, Target, and Harper’s Bazaar‘s campaigns.
  • Bishamber Das is Britain’s first-ever Asian plus-size model. She won the Miss India Europe title in 2014 and is featured in Nubian Beauty.
  • Katya Zharkova is the first plus-size model of Belarus to appear in Cosmopolitan She is an influential activist for women’s health through her blogs and TV presence.
  • Ragini Nag Rao is a social blogger who has been promoting the topics of body image and race in her blog, A Curious Fancy.
  • Thamarr Guerrier has been actively encouraging the ideas of body positivity through Musings of a Curvy Lady. She thinks of herself as a fashion, and she wants good things in the world for everybody.


Love yourself and evaluate the benefits of your body

Acceptance of physical appearance is essential to encourage people to love their natural bodies. You need to love yourself and evaluate the benefits of your body while accepting your physical traits. It is an entirely normal thing if you have a plus-size body; you need to advocate for your rights to challenge the abnormally conceived ideas regarding a woman’s appearance.

The society may have taken its time to accept these physical and natural traits, but the social norms are changing. Self-acceptance and self-love must not only be practiced by your self, but it also needs to be conceived by the other masses of the society. This requires you to play your role in representing the bodies and appearances that are generally not depicted in the media.


Dating site like a place to make your “name”

While there are many operational social campaigns to promulgate acceptance for body-positivity, there is a massive shift in online dating trends and plus-size women. The pudgy people usually avoid social dictations and are generally open-minded. It makes them kind as well as flirty with tender souls in big beautiful bodies. Using BBW online dating, body-positive women learned to love themselves – precisely as they are – in a world that tries to dictate who and what is beautiful and also make money on it.

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