Social media or dating site: What is more profitable to use?

Social media or dating site: What is more profitable to use?

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While many men and women join online dating sites in record numbers, their social media presence also plays a vital role in helping them build relationships. In this digital era, both platforms have become associated with one another, and hence the profitability is interlinked as well. As per Viren Swami, a professor of Social Psychology, online dating sites and dating apps have become the most common way of meeting partners. Approximately 20% of the couples have met through either medium. As per Pew Research, 15% of the U.S. adults use online dating sites as of 2020. Suppose you are providing dating services through either of the platforms. In that case, you need to know the audience and their preferences over the two platforms to understand the probability of returns on your investment on any of them.


Benefits of dating site

People join online dating sites due to a managed mechanism where one needs to register by providing necessary and authentic personal details. The following are few added benefits of dating sites for the users.

  • Potential Matches: The users on your dating site will have more potential matches based on their interests and preferences regarding age, nationality, personal traits, and sexual orientation.
  • Local and International People: Online dating sites help users conveniently select from various local and international dating profiles.
  • Safety and Security: Various security layers help keep the complete personal details of the members private by online dating sites.


Benefits of social media

Social media offers a lot of opportunities to create and maintain relationships. There may be many people in the world you may communicate with the use of social media, who you might never have known if there were no social media platforms. Some of the benefits of social media dating are appended below.

  • Easy Communication: The users can scroll other people’s profiles to find shared interests or associations with mutual friends.
  • Virtual inseparability: Social media platforms allow users to be digitally connected, and it can help them cope with not seeing loved ones and friends.
  • More relationship security: Social media users often tag their partners in their random or check-in posts to make them feel important and connected.
  • Memories: Almost all the social media platforms maintain digital memories, which allow the partners to relive their relationship while deepening their appreciation towards each other.


Alternative ways to earn with your dating site

Though your dating site’s earnings mostly rely on your members’ subscriptions, there are alternative ways to earn with your dating site.

  • Affiliate Programs: You can participate in the affiliate programs to earn from other companies’ advertising services. The traffic on your dating site will act as a potential lead for these services, and you will get paid for the sales. You can start your affiliate program as well for collaboration with websites of similar niche.
  • Direct Cooperation with Advertisers: You can directly publish a pricing list on your website or connect to an advertiser. You may find the potential advertisers by visiting sites in your niche. Publishing an information guide about your website on your online platform will help the prospective advertisers understand your online dating site. Secondly, you can also place ads for your services on other platforms – this will help increase traffic on your dating site that may also lead to further potential sales.
  • Contextual Advertising: You can use Google AdSense to display ads that are relevant to your dating site. It has an easy interface to manage your ads and formats. This affordable service can help you generate revenues if you have some good website content and fair online traffic.

The idea of advertising relevant services is essential to let your users feel more connected on a single platform. You must add some video tutorials on your site. Every creative user of a dating site could study how it works and how to use that knowledge. On, there are a lot of dating platforms where smart people meet to share their ideas.


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