See How EHD Brings Fall Into Our Homes (And Yes, There Are *Chic* Pumpkins Involved … Target Does It Again)


Well, it’s almost fall, appropriately named for once this year 🙂 And while it’s a different one for a lot of us – no back to school nights or football games, we are trying to reframe it to be a couple of months of total coziness before the snow arrives. We normally do a huge ‘Target Fall Collection” reveal where we transform a room or house with all their amazing product (it’s always epically good stuff). But this year to be safe, myself, Sara, and Jess all styled fall in our very different homes. AND YES, THERE WILL BE PUMPKINS for my little pumpkins 🙂


First off, stop looking at that dog that looks like a prop I bought who “matches the house” (she’s not, we rescued Buttercup and her brother, Oscar, which I wrote about a couple of weeks ago). Instead, focus on the fall coziness of that blanket, pillow, and pumpkins, because if you are into seasonal decorating in a minimal way, then those pumpkins whisper “fall” in a quiet, warm way. You don’t need to go all out, just some cozy elements to help shift your mood.


The vase is GREAT too and comes in a beautiful blue (but I love the green in this house). We have it in large and small and with a big foraged branch can be an easy, high impact fall centerpiece. Go outside, clip a branch – it’s good for the tree, and branches can last weeks.


If I were to have a pumpkin line, designed specifically for this mountain house, that pumpkin would be it. At $16 it’s just so pretty and simple. It’s honestly bringing me all the fall vibes and making me so look forward to something. Isn’t that what we need right now? Pumpkins to help us move forward?


As you know I don’t have a ton of color in this house (which I still do NOT regret – the trees, light, wood, and windows are the highlights) so I’m all about textures and coziness. That pillow (coming soon!) is one that the kids fight over. It’s unbelievably soft, squishy, and cozy.


Throws are something I always change out because my “summer throws” are usually thinner and have more color, while my “winter throws” have to be thicker and cozier. My 16-year-old self would never have said that but listen, I just turned 41 and I’m much wiser now. Cozy throws are IMPORTANT for both youth and age. This one (also coming soon) is so pretty and comes in three different colors (Jess and Sara also styled them in their living rooms).


I wasn’t done styling the coffee table when Sara caught this moment with Buttercup. Yes, we are in love. No, we didn’t mean for our hair to match. I feel like I’m the only one that hasn’t touched my hair since February and it’s actually ok. But yeah, here is some dog hair inspo.


Modeling the sectional in this shot is Oscar, our Benji look-alike that has darker ears. He wanted me to tell you that that wood vase is SO GOOD, affordable, and easy to style. I have it now on the mantle because we use this table to color in the mornings, but it could also be on the dining table as a centerpiece.

These corn husk rope pumpkins are again just a nice textural moment that says, “Hi. It’s fall. Are you embracing your inner cozy yet?” Yes, we are. Oscar agrees.

Hot coffee. Book. Candle. Fireplace…. let’s put this summer behind us, and get into that moment.

Before we get into Jess and Sara’s fall styling, I didn’t need a lot up here for it to feel like fall, but I LOVED so many of the other pieces, so here’s a roundup of my favorites of the entire fall Target collection. Hopefully, if you are in need of anything you’ll find something you love that makes you smile and feel cozy. Also, rescue some dogs to love forever – its works 🙂

Emily Henderson Target Fall 2020 Roundup

1. Houndstooth Faux Mohair Throw Blanket | 2. Artificial Oat Grass Corn Husk Wreath | 3. Metal Dome Table Lamp | 4. Euro Chunky Woven Tassel Throw Pillow | 5. Olo Metal Leg Accent Chair | 6. Clipped Chenille Comforter & Sham Set | 7. Floor Lamp | 8. Lidded Amber Glass Jar Crackling Wooden 3-Wick Sandalwood and Smoke Candle | 9. Large Assembled Genie Glass Table Lamp | 10. Microplush Weighted Blanket with Removable Cover | 11. Oversized Square Chunky Cable Knit Throw Pillow | 12. Lana Curved Back Dining Chair


Hi everyone! It’s now my (Jess’) turn to talk about how adding a few fall touches to my home drastically changed my mood for the better (which was needed more than I thought). Historically, while fall is my favorite time of year, it’s not one that I “decorate” for. That has now changed forever. I know that sounds like a hyperbolic statement but the simple act of switching out a couple of pillows, a throw and popping in a few pumpkins really did put a welcomed timestamp on the end of summer and beginning of fall (something I really miss from living on the east coast where the weather initially does that for you).


So as you know I have a pretty “modern” apartment that was designed with a lot of the current trends I loved in mind. Because of that, it can be tricky adding in seasonal decor that doesn’t feel super out of place. Well, these pillows (coming soon!) are not only the right tones but also the perfect pattern to bring in a seasonal feel that speaks to the overall color palette (and many grid patterns) of my abode. I love that they look a bit tailored but also cozy. Also, I am a sucker for a deep yellow/mustard throw and this one is so soft. Might need to add yellow into the December decor this year:)


If you want it to feel like fall, get this candle in your house asap. It smells like the fall hug we all need. Even the great candle connoisseur, Miss Sara Ligorria-Tramp, tried to swipe it on her way out (just kidding but she definitely mentioned it).


I added most on my pumpkins to my entry because it’s the first thing I see when I get home (when I actually leave my safe bubble) and that area needed a bit more color.


Blue pumpkins are so cute and surprisingly versatile! I love how well they work with my decor but could easily work with any style. On top of that, the touch of the light terracotta ceramic base gives them an organic look that I tried to incorporate throughout my original design.

Speaking of an organic look, when I first saw Target’s braided pumpkins in last year’s shoot, my eyes felt like they fell to the floor. I loved them so much. I think I talked about them for a week. Those ones will clearly always have a place in my heart but this year’s version is more ideal for my home. They still bring that incredible texture but have a more refined stem. A bit more modern than rustic. Another piece I brought in and really love is that long wooden bowl. It again brings in the natural tones we all associate with fall and gives me some much-needed “drop my keys anywhere” organization. Plus the scale on the long bench is awesome.


So that’s it for me and my finally fall loving home. Even if it’s just a couple sweet pumpkins (like the white one!), starting the transition into the holiday season mindset now is so mentally helpful. Take it away, Sara!


I’ll admit, my house it more than a little chaotic right now between the primary closet install, the office/guest room makeover, and the kitchen renovation. But taking a little bit of time to clean up and style out two small areas in my home was like therapy. Fall is traditionally my favorite season, but sadly it doesn’t really kick in here in SoCal until around November temperature-wise. That doesn’t mean I won’t pretend we have fall weather and make my place as cozy and fall-y as possible.

My home veers traditional, so I styled it that way with a cozy neutral throw, pretty navy pillow (again coming soon:)), and gray and white cat prop.

Oh, did you spot two little pumpkins? Yep, the braided one and the ceramic cutie. Those are the exclamation points of the styling to scream “FALL!!!” just in case anyone missed it. I’m a BIG Halloween decorator, so I plan on layering in a heavy dose of Halloween decor, but then peeling it back off for November. My dream is that our kitchen will be done by November and we’ll be able to host small (and safe) holiday soirees with those in our quarantine pod.


UGH, look at my prop – I mean cat. She’s normally super shy, but for some reason I plopped her down and she just stayed. As I type this she’s sleeping on the bed next to me (shame on whoever side-eyes me for that), and my heart is exploding. I LOVE HER SO MUCH. I also love that simple wood vase on the mantle that I stuck a branch in.


Next, I brought a touch of holiday to the bottom left corner of my TV bookcase. If you don’t know by now, I’m a candle devotee. It borders on obsession, and holiday candles are their own special category. The “mulled wine” one Jess had up in her apartment was GOOD, and so is this “vanilla” one. Plus, the pumpkin jar it comes it gently whispers “faaaaaall” into your eyeballs.

ONE MORE THING ABOUT THIS CANDLE, and it’s something I really value. It smells good even when it’s not lit. The throw still has a really decent range! Which means you can pop these candles into a shelf, not worry about lighting them (obviously, because it’s in a shelf), and still enjoy the scent. That is the mark of a good candle. Plus, it’ll last a lot longer that way. Hit me up if you want chat more about scented wax.

Ok, it’s Em again. As you can see you don’t need a lot to bring in that wonderful feeling of fall and Target has you covered… for any style home. Hopefully, we proved that:) So while hanging on to every last minute of summer is great, I promise that leaning into this new season will make you and your family feel better. Buttercup and Oscar agree.

**Photos by Sara Ligorria-Tramp

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