Powerful Strategies to Improve Your ECommerce Site | 2021

Powerful Strategies to Improve Your ECommerce Site

Powerful Strategies to Improve Your ECommerce Site

Reading Time: 3 minsWith the rapid development of ecommerce and constant innovations, it’s crucial to stay current with the latest trends and technologies improving business and adjusting strategies. To succeed, an online seller should be revising the regular tools, searching for mistakes and improving.

Software outsourcing company like Qarea might be required to help make smart decisions and take the business to a new level. Even when using outsource software development and relying on professionals, the main aspects and tendencies should be comprehended. Below is a summary of the main aspects to pay attention to when considering powerful strategies to improve the ecommerce site.  


To make a purchase, the website users should be able to find what they need. It sounds quite obvious and simple but, in reality, does not happen all the time. Try to understand your customer, test the website, get feedback and optimize UX/UI. 

Website testing is to be done frequently and will help improve the experience, based on the feedback received. Better navigation will improve user experience and motivate them to return for their next purchase. It’s not always necessary to have a permanent team to make sure the ecommerce website is functioning properly,  professionals for specific purposes might be hired when there are reasons to outsource.  



Today’s online consumers will not accept an ecommerce site with pages taking too long to load. According to statistics, 1 in 4 users will abandon a website that takes more than 4 seconds to load, and a one-second delay reduces customer satisfaction by 16%. Such numbers make it self-evident that no matter how much traffic you attract, the website will not make sales without a decent speed. 

Plan advertisement campaigns

Work on the advertising campaign of the ecommerce store to increase sales. Analyze data to understand your customers better – how and why they come to you, what they look for, what else they might need, what the trends are on the market. This information will help predict users’ behavior, correct mistakes, and plan advertising budgets and options wisely. Analyze where the website visitors stay longer, whether it is the product page, blog, customers’ comments, see what they like, and strengthen it. Understanding customer’s behavior will help you understand where to meet the new ones and which tools to use.

Product images and description

Product images are of extreme importance in ecommerce. In an offline store, a customer can see or touch the object, online a picture is the strongest tool to evoke an emotion to make a purchase. Quality images with zoom possibility, 360-degree rotations, and 3D tours fuel customer credence and interest. Remember about the speed factor when placing pictures on the website. They might be amazing but if they load too slow, the client leaves.

Speaking of emotions, keep in mind that a manufacturer’s instructions might be too boring to spark interest or even finish reading. Explain the benefits of the product, why it is worth spending money on, and how it can make life better. Make the most of the opportunity to present the products when someone is already on the website.

Content and website design should be complementary and together constitute a part of a comprehensive e-commerce strategy. 


Checkout process

Remember why you started an ecommerce site? Correct, to make sales. Making the purchase simple for the customer is of the utmost importance. Numerous obstacles during checkout make consumers abandon the store. If several steps have to be taken, do make sure clear directions are given. It ‘s preferable to offer different payment methods. Other than Visa or MasterCard, debit cards, PayPal and ApplePay will bring more ecommerce sales.

Baymard Institute calculated 68.06% of the average documented online shopping cart abandonment rate. The value was based on 44 various types of research with the statistics on e-commerce shopping cart abandonment. To make sure the checkout process works perfectly it might be necessary to hire a software outsourcing agency for website testing. 

Tracking abandoned carts and addressing the issue is a key to solving it. With specialist software, it is possible to send friendly reminder emails about the purchase completion. In such cases, an additional discount can motivate. 


Upselling and cross-selling

After the customer is satisfied with their online purchase, it is worth continuing communication. It took a great effort to start it, now everyone has to take advantage of the sales on one side and more pleasant shopping on the other. A customer should receive information about similar or complementary products, which the ecommerce platform offers. Upsells and cross-sells might often be improved without any alterations in the software. If it becomes necessary to make a few changes in the software, outsource development might be considered. 


Shopping from mobile devices

This might be the top priority. Today a must-have for a successful ecommerce business is not only a responsive website but also an opportunity to shop on smartphones and tablets. Already about 40% of online shopping is from mobile devices and optimization for them will increase sales. 

Powerful Strategies to Improve Your ECommerce Site

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