How To Make Money From Home With Your Creative Talent

How To Make Money From Home With Your Creative Talent

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The days of the starving artist are long gone as these days the internet has made being a creative type very lucrative.

With social media and Youtube, you can help your audience find your art, music or any other type of creative hobby that you have and be able to monetize it. Which means that you can do this from home and create the lifestyle you want all through your creativity.

With the right dedication and strategy you can make a full time living or even more. In this article, we will take a look at the ways that you can turn your passion into a living.


1 – Identify your audience

In reality you are going to be setting yourself to have your audience find you. But, for that to happen you have to identify who your audience is and know what they will respond to in order to set yourself up.

What that means is to figure out who the ideal person is that will want to buy your art or craft or whatever it is that you are selling. And your ideal customer can be anywhere in the world. Try to figure out who it is that will be buying and use the social media channels and type of content to appeal to that person.

On a side note, make sure that you are able to accept an international money transfer so you can make money if your customers are not in your country.


2 – Pick a niche

If you go too broad with your product or service, then you risk getting drowned out by the big players in your field. The better way to go is to narrow your focus and niche down as they say.

What this means is to go for a smaller subset of what people are searching for in your area of expertise. If you are making paintings, then either have a specific subject matter that will help you stand out, or a technique not many artists are using.

For instance, if you are a photographer, you should find a topic that a small but dedicated group really loves. Maybe urban decay, or a certain breed of horse that horse lovers will respond to. You won’t have much luck as a general photographer as people are searching for specific things online.


3 – Become a teacher

With the global pandemic raging across the world, people are turning to the internet to learn how to do things and classes can’t really be done in person. If you have a certain talent then you can teach others to do the same. Online video courses are ideal as you can upload them and charge people to take the classes wherever and whenever they want.

Once again, we’ll use the photographer example and suggest that when you find the niche that works, you can then create a course around how to take those kinds of photographs.

Then, you can set up a Facebook group where you answer your students questions and also to give homework and things like that.


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