8 exciting ways to make money as a dog lover

8 exciting ways to make money as a dog lover

8 exciting ways to make money as a dog lover

Reading Time: 5 minsMeet Bodhi, the dog who makes $2,000+ per post for his owner!

Yena Kim loves pooches just like you and me. But instead of feeding and keeping Bodhi indoors, she thought of ways to make her furry friend a means of livelihood. And she found one.

Dress him in menswear, take some cute-looking photos, post on Instagram, and get the whole world talking. Not long after, brands started flocking in with deals.

The income from Bodhi’s endorsements and product campaigns got so huge that Kim decided to quit her job as a designer at Ralph Lauren to dress her dog in men’s clothing full time.

Can you imagine!

Bodhi legit transformed his owner’s life.

We bet you’re already thinking of ways to make that cute-looking Goldendoodle doodles sitting in your apartment bring in some income for you, too.

Don’t think too far.

Instead of just keeping that fluffy creature in the house to entertain your kids and make your home a fun place to be, use these tips below to earn some extra cash as a dog lover.

1. Become a local dog trainer

There are lots of dog owners out there looking for people to help them train their dogs. As you know, some pooches are just too stubborn to handle. As such, their owners sometimes look for help curbing and training their dogs.

If you know you have a way with dogs, and can tame a dog into doing whatever you instruct them, you may want to consider reaching out to dog owners in your immediate neighborhood to see if anyone of them needs help with their furry friend. You could work to train a Goldendoodle puppy, a German shepherd, a bull dog, a Great Dane, etc.

2. Become a service dog trainer

Beyond the average ‘sit’, ‘stay’, and ‘fetch’ commands, some owners desire to train their dogs for special needs. This is particularly true for owners with disability problems.

Fortunately, there are lots of dogs that can serve this purpose. For example, Goldendoodles are particularly renowned for their therapeutic abilities to help disabled people live better lives.

But before they can do that they need to be trained. And this is where a service trainer comes in.

As a service dog trainer, you’ll be expected to train dogs to serve special purposes.

If this sounds like something that interests you, it may be wise to take up online courses to hone your skills as a service dog trainer, and then applying to hospitals, disaster sites, assisted living facilities, local families, or physical therapy clinics to land a gig.

3. Become a dog walker

If you have a dog, it’s a must for you to walk him almost every day. Else, he might develop some bad health conditions.

For example, overweight is one of the health issues of dogs like Goldendoodles. And this condition arises from insufficient walking and exercises.

That said, instead of walking your dog for the fun of it; why not make some money on the side?

That is, pick up a few more furries along with you, and walk them all together.

As it is, some folks are just too busy to walk their dogs, but they understand the importance of dog walks. As such, they’re willing to pay others to do it for them. If you have the time, this might be a nice gig picking up.

Additionally, you’ll even be getting more cardio as you walk multiple dogs.

That said, you may find it challenging walking multiple large dogs, as they may be too hard to handle. A better practice would be to choose small dog breeds over big ones.

4. Launch an Instagram page for your dog or start a pet blog

If none of the ideas we’ve mentioned so far interests you, how about doing something similar to what Yena Kim did with Bodhi?

Of course, you won’t be dressing your dog in menswear like here. That’s already her signature, and doing that might land you the tag ‘copycat’.

Instead, you can come up with other photography ideas for your dog. You can take him on dates and record the events. You can go to parks and capture their exploits and then post. Or you can launch an Instagram reality show based on your furry’s exceptional habits or abilities and mind-blowing exploits.

Just think of something fascinating and attention-grabbing, and start posting on Instagram. With time, people will notice you, and you’ll start getting good endorsement deals.

5. Start a dog treats business

If you look around, you’ll notice that dog treats are fast becoming a big business.

And the reason is because lots of dog owners are now embracing the idea of training dogs with treats. This increase in demand means that anyone with the ability to come up with lovely and tasty dog treats ideas now has a huge money-making opportunity on their hands.

So, if you know you can bake sweet doggy biscuits, do not hesitate to hit vet clinics, dog groomers, and pet supply stores with your tasty bags of doggy biscuits.

To boost your chances of making sales, you can give out free samples with your business card attached. Don’t worry; in little to no time, people will know you, and will start making demands.

6. Become a dog rights lawyer

Dogs cannot speak for themselves. But they have rights too.

Why not be the voice that fights for these rights?

Of course, you’ll need to get a law degree to pursue a career in this field (no small ask!). If you’re truly empathetic towards dogs and have the intelligence to pass the bar exam though, this could be a great idea.

7. Dog photographer

Are you good with cameras? Do you find it easy getting dogs into right angles, and giving them nice shots?

If so, you may want to chase gigs in dog photography.

Now more than ever, lots of owners are looking for photographers to do candid shots for their pooches. They’re looking for skilled photographers to snap their furry friends on birthday celebration nights, adoption party evenings, and other memorable dog-related events.

8. Become a dog bather or groomer

If you spot a dog grooming shop somewhere, you probably won’t walk more than three blocks before you see another. Such is the extent to which dog grooming services are now in demand.

Almost every neighborhood and corner have a dog grooming shop nearby.

As a dog lover, it might be a good idea applying as a groomer to one of the nearby shops around you.

Of course, that would mean you don’t mind getting peed or pooped on.

Alternatively, if you have the funds and notice that there aren’t many dog grooming services around you, you might want to start your own.

Most dog owners are too busy to bathe or groom their dogs. Those who even have the time aren’t skilled enough to give their dogs the best bath and cuts. As such, these folks are willing to pay to get someone to do it for them.


8 exciting ways to make money as a dog lover

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